Men's Pelvic Floor Therapy

Women aren’t the only ones who need pelvic floor physical therapy. 

Men are welcome at our clinic! Pelvic floor physical therapy can help men recover from incontinence after prostate surgery, and from lower spinal & pelvic pain. The top two reasons men visit our clinic are for incontinence and pelvic pain.

Incontinence typically stems from problems with the prostate gland. If the prostate is enlarged, the bladder may have increased pressure surrounding it and has to work harder to push urine out when it needs to empty. This sometimes causes an overflow of urine secondary to increased pressure and increased pelvic muscle activity which makes leakage more prevalent.

Another common pelvic problem for men is chronic (ongoing) pelvic pain. Pain can come from the bladder, rectum or prostate (the latter is sometimes called prostatitis). Pain tends to make muscles tighten up, like a constant cramp, and this becomes an uncomfortable cycle: pain leads to muscle tension, which causes more pain.

Studies have shown that many pelvic dysfunction patients are misdiagnosed. With a thorough pelvic floor physical therapy exam, one can truly begin their road to recovery with specialized care!


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