Why is Pelvic Floor PT at the bottom of the “To-Do List”?

The phone rings; “Hello, this is InHer Physique Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy! How can I help you?”

“Hi, I am interested in your services. Could you tell me the cost and how your whole treatment system works?”

“Absolutely! The initial evaluation cost is $125; with every visit to follow being $85 if you elect to remain a patient. Your first visit will be an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes of thorough hands on care with Dr Justine. With her findings, you both will come up with an optimal treatment program tailored specifically to you.”

“Okay, so about my insurance how does that work? Well, we can assist you with attempting to receive reimbursement; yet there is no guarantee that you will be based on your insurance plan.”

“Okay, great I understand.”

“Would you like to book an initial evaluation with Dr. Justine?”

.....this is the pivotal moment. Will or will they not book an appointment upon the first call. 

Usually, the answer is no. I find the top two reasons are:

  1. They are not covered up front by your insurance 

  2. The cost of the initial evaluation 

There is no judgment. I get it. A patient and I chuckled as she was on my treatment table...we both find that when we get a medical bill we open the envelope and ask DO I REALLY HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS. 

The way the American Healthcare system is structured we as citizen are truly bound to the rigid insurance system.

Recently, I have started to introduce what a patient gets at our office differently. I now truly tell you what makes us different:

1. You get over an hour of conversation and hands on technique with a doctor.

WHERE DOES THIS HAPPEN...EVER! Usually, the doc is in and out! Well, when I simply gently place my hand on your back or chest your body automatically relaxes. Usually, the body of a person that is pain or in discomfort has a “very active” sympathetic nervous system. A gentle touch helps the nervous system to calm down and more effectively adapt to treatment. Also, who doesn’t like to be listened to about their private, personal health issues. You completely have the floor. That is truly empowering! 

2. Pelvic Floor PT come few and far in between.

Not all Therapy is created equal. Pelvic Floor PT is an art but connecting with patients enough for them to leave the office, go home and implement the changes discussed and come back with a positive report is what make us different! I’ll rephrase this keynote. GOOD PELVIC PT, is special and is a rare delicacy. 

I am not here to conquer and change the insurance system. I am here to empower people who need Pelvic PT services to see the resource they have and use it.

I’ve had some people come in the office and say I’ll pay whatever it takes! I want this! While others won’t sign up the reasons they feel are truly valid. 

I understand what it’s like to not be able to afford a medical based service. It actually set me back finically to show up weekly and cough up $80/visit to my therapist/strategist. But, it was working! From day 1, it started working; and because I was committed I graduated from caseload in about 7 months! 

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the money for services and that is why we have programs for that! We never turn someone away based on inability to pay in full first visit. Yet, a person has to commit and want to succeed. This is where I must work harder to educate my community and world on this beautiful art! Once people truly know the benefits, it will speak for itself in every individuals life that tries it out in some capacity.

Do me one favor! Think of one thing you sacrificed for and how everything turned out in the end. What drove your desire for change and what drove you to remain consistent with whatever it was?! Hold on to that drive against any of you may come up against! This drive is the game changer!

Keep Fighting The Good Fight

Dr Jus