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Change Makes All the Difference

Let me set the scene for you. I’m sitting here in my living room next to my other half on Super Bowl LII 2019 Sunday. Now instead of actually watching the game, the television is turned off and we have been discussing our future business endeavors for the entire duration of the game….well, more specifically mine.

In retrospect, it happened naturally and we didn’t really even care that we had missed the game (Go Saints! I am still a little upset in regards to that, but anywhoo). What was profound about the time we spent talking ,in my opinion, was that we were doing something completely different than about 90% of the people we knew on that day at that time. We had been invited to a Super Party, yet after I quickly whipped up some BBQ cocktail sausages, Rotel dip, and chicken bites right after church; we figured we would hide our gluttony. We weren’t going to let others see our stomachs poking out of our shirts. We like to keep things in house and rub our bellies together in our no judgement zone ie. our living room.

I remember a time when I suffered from F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out) severely. Even if I knew I wasn’t going to go and the person or people who were to invite me also knew I would never come…I STILL WANTED TO BE INVITED. I’m sure some of you can relate. The lack of regret for not showing up to partake in the festivities didn’t haunt me; nor did flare of F.O.M.O occur. I had officially become different. Consumed with this new season of life, I have found comfort in being different. I have also realized that, this mindset is exactly what it takes to make progress in life. Habits have to change in order for you or your circumstances to as well. This mantra is something that I am currently living by. That is even the more reason I can preach it so strongly to my patients.

After 3 years of working in Washington, DC as a physical therapist within different settings of the field, I had finally realized what I loved doing the most. I loved getting close to my patients and being a positive figure in their lives by implementing changes to their lifestyle. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy probably takes the cake of being the most intimate form of rehab. In order for it to be effective, the patient has to do the following: 1. Trust their practitioner 2. Trust the environment in which they are receiving treatment 3. Change various habits that are apart of their current lifestyle. All of these things things require a person to take a hard look at their current situation and be brave enough to accept the challenges that come with the entire package. I have the privilege of helping people completely change their lives when they decide to become different, and I love it.

You may ask, “Dr. Justine, what is Pelvic Floor PT really and why would I want to come to see you?” Well the “obvious” or the “not so obvious” is that you may have some form of pelvic dysfunction inhibiting you from performing daily life functions in a typical manner. Examples could include: pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, urinary or fecal incontinence during certain activities, and other various issues.What I often find is that people have an issue truly knowing what is normal and what is not. So my job is to evaluate, diagnose and treat conditions as well as confirm diagnoses that may have already been suspected by another health professional.

I do quite a bit of educating on not only what Pelvic Floor PT is but why it is relevant. The most common example is a mother who is post-partum and leaks when she laughs or coughs. This is not normal, yet many people including MDs will assume that it is normal.

Realizing a condition is not normal is only the beginning. They must then desire to make a change as discussed earlier in this post. Believe me, so many people disclose their symptoms to me, yet are not at a point where they desire treatment. The issue with this is that their symptoms CAN AND WILL get worse over time. So, when you ask why would a person want to come see me; I answer by saying I can help change your life now. I can only hope to change your life later. Many women and men shed tears in my office because of the shame and embarrassment associated with their symptoms. So, I do not take it lightly that my office is a safe place for people to fall apart with the hopes of me helping them get put back together. Some women can’t have sex with their husbands; some men can’t have sex with their wives. This is huge. So, coming to see me goes past a regular treatment visit as you can see.

I will wrap this chat up by saying my earnest attempt to educate my community drives my practice. This blog will serve as a platform to do just that educate. I will post my professional opinions that are backed by scientific evidence. I hope this will empower and be the first step for people to begin making steps towards change. Ready to make an appointment with me ? Book your appointment now.

Keep Fighting the Good Fight.