Lead Massage Therapist


Meet Marissa Cole, LMT


As a 32 years old Indianapolis, In native, she has been pursuing her massage therapy career for over 15 years. She discovered natural healers are present in her ancestral family tree and feels she has been gifted the same talent. Her background stems from a very diverse experience of life and spending last five years working for the State of Florida detention centers has enhanced her experience firsthand in some mental health issues. Her mission is to implement massage therapy to spread an unconditional positive energy of passion, appreciation, happiness, love, joy, and gratitude by inspiring and promoting the natural healing touch of hands to be of service. She received her educations and requirements to be a massage therapist through Pensacola School of Massage in Pensacola, FL. She naturally works well with her hands and has the ability to adjust pressure from delicate to deep per the clients request.

“My skills and knowledge of massage are versatile. As an athlete in basketball for 20 years of my life I have the first hand experience to understand the effects on the body in contact sports and working out. This understanding knowledge and practice allows me to execute this type of massage very well. In Her Physique accepted me into their family while developing my business Qings Massage. Qing is an acronym meaning  Quintessential Introspective Nameable and Gifted. I am a Queen with a King state of mind meaning rule what is meant for me.”