Are you frustrated with pelvic pain, back pain or other abdominal and pelvic issues?

Are you hearing conflicting information and don't know what or who to believe?

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InHer Physique is a hub where we offer not only Pelvic Floor physical therapy services, but also confidence and strength building of the heart and mind. We have in-person treatment sessions and online consultations or workshops of varying topics including web consultations for those in need of coaching for emotional support, and much more. 

At InHer Physique, you will find an exceptional level of expertise that will guide you in finding the right path to achieving your goals.

  • We are hands-on primarily using manual therapy technique to address any issues pertaining to balance, endurance, posture, strength, flexibility.

  • We will help you understand and prevent injury using evidence based treatment exercises, concepts & wellness curriculum.

  • We treat a wide variety of ailments from pelvic dysfunction, back pain, neurologic injuries, pregnancy, postpartum ailments, joint pain to balance impairments. Learn more about pelvic physical therapy HERE.


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Our Pensacola, FL clinic offers premier ORTHOPEDIC & PELVIC FLOOR PHYSICAL THERAPY, WELLNESS COACHING, DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES (including BIOFEEDBACK), & STRETCHING SERVICES that will meet your needs. Let’s work towards your goals together.


2019 UPDATE: We now elect to accept TRADITIONAL MEDICARE, HSA & FSA plans, & plans with Out of Network Benefits!

InHer Physique is a primarily cash-based physical therapy clinic providing a unique rehab experience, with guaranteed 1-on-1 hands-on care. No need to feel rushed, unvalued, unheard, and uncomfortable.

We guarantee that you will never find another clinic that offers the hands on and thorough care that we do. An initial evaluation with us is $165. An initial evaluation includes any implementation of diagnostic tools, a full orthopedic assessment, a full pelvic floor assessment and development of a treatment plan. Also, if in pain, a patient will never leave our clinic without their pain and associated symptoms being addressed.

Our goal is to provide impactful treatment and care to reduce pain and limitations inhibiting your best quality of life. We enter a contract with you, the patient, and not the insurance company. We will develop a unique relationship focused on the best outcomes for you. By deciding to provide care in this manner, the course of your treatment is in the hands of you and I. Any questions in regards to this new style of care, feel free to contact Dr. Jus HERE.  


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