Dr. Justine Roper, PT DPT

Meet Dr. Jus

DPT, Wellness Expert, Runner, and more.

Dr. Justine Williams Roper PT, DPT, aka Dr. Jus, is the Founder of InHer Physique Pelvic Therapy & Wellness. Dr. Jus is a graduate from the University of Florida where she obtained a Bachelor in Science in Health Education and Howard University where she obtained her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She attained her certificate of achievement in pelvic physical therapy (CAPP-PP) from the Academy of Pelvic Health in addition to countless hours of continuing education surrounding the complexities of pelvic floor conditions. Dr. Jus is a residing Pensacola, Florida native.

Dr. Jus combines her passion for fitness and wellness with a holistic lifestyle that goes beyond the clinic’s walls. With her love for running and strength training, she understands the deep connection between movement and well-being. Beyond her clinical skills, Justine stands as a beacon in the wellness community, inspiring others with her holistic approach to life.  She wants everyone to move and enjoy it! Connect with her and check out some of the things she is a part of below.

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Prioritize Wellness

Dr. Jus & Friends Walk, Run, Jog Group

Dr. Jus started this group to create a safe space where people can meet one another and grow in their own movement journey. Many people feel intimidated to start and when they do, they are isolated while trying to figure it all out. However, this group is for walkers, joggers, & runners — we’re here for it all!

Hi everyone! It’s Dr. Jus here. I wanted to start this group because since beginning my own personal running journey I have witnessed so many people be inspired and want to start running themselves!


Unsure where to start your journey towards strengthening your pelvic region? Try these easy exercises to jumpstart your program!

Note: The content of this course is educational in nature and does not replace seeing a pelvic health therapist for in-person assessment and treatment.

After launching her own practice, Dr. Jus noticed a trend that was undeniable. Many people, especially those with physical pain, anxiety and depression had difficulty figuring their way out of the smallest situations. This short read will help clear out your thoughts and create a spark to fight through your current situation towards true freedom through discussion topics and questions.